Our virtual platform gives attendees access to the conference anywhere in the world with an internet connection via a desktop, laptop, tablet, or a smartphone.  Our virtual conference offers opportunities to increase your exposure, brand recognition, and engagement. 

This virtual event would not be complete without an exhibition platform – a place for exhibitors to share products or service information and for visitors, a digital marketplace to browse, connect, and for business exchange to take place.

We know how important branding is, thus, exhibitors can get creative, by working off on the existing booth templates and color schemes and make their brand clearly identifiable, by uploading imagery such as logos and banners, and even have videos on display.  To make sure that when visitors leave a booth, they do so knowing everything they can about the product / services, exhibitors are given the ability to not only present their info but to provide all manner of multimedia documentation (such as leaflets and brochures).

When visitors come to the virtual booth, exhibitors can see them arrive, and when they do they can chat with them in several ways.  There is the choice of public chatroom function where the exhibitor can address everyone there or, if privacy is required to discuss matters, you can set up a private chatroom for just a few selected people.  Alternatively, to reach just one person directly you can always send them a direct message.

Knowing as much as possible about who visits your virtual booth is extremely helpful, especially when they could be a potential customer. This is why you are able to access the virtual booth dashboard to view information guests have consented to be shown such as their job title, organization, and what products at the virtual event they have shown an interest in. This information could make all the difference to how a conversation starts and what the end result will be.