Conference Information

In this menu, you will find all the information about attending CIE 2021.

As there are many changes and arrangements still being finalized there is not much here now –so please check back regularly.

Our hosts for CIE 2021, MyCIE, are busy preparing all the needs for this fully online event, including fantastic tools to let everyone participate no matter where or what the local time of day it is for them.

One bit of information is that there will be several categories of registration fees, including:

• Special early fee for individuals who are members of a CIE National Committee or Associate National Committee htese fees are tentatively set at €425*. You are not a member? Why not join now? Check out the list of CIE  Member Bodies around the world.

• Special fees for students and those coming from countries with developing economies, these fees are tentatively set at €265*.

*Note: Final fees will be set in Malaysian Ringgits, Euros are given here as a guideline.