Information for Presenters


1. Instructions for the Preparation of the Full Paper for the Conference Proceedings

Below you find files for download with detailed instructions for the preparation of your paper for the conference proceedings.

Please read the instructions carefully before preparation of your proceedings paper!

Instructions for the Preparation of Papers for CIE Proceedings

Guidelines for Notation to be used in CIE Publications

CIE Template for Preparation of Papers for CIE Proceedings

CIE Copyright Agreement for Proceedings


  • July 31, 2021  - Registration at CIE 2021.
    Note: this has been updated from June 28 due to the delay in opeing up the registration service.
  • August 7, 2021 - Submission of your full paper for the conference proceedings
    (IMPORTANT NOTE: Your full paper has to be submitted through the online submission system. Other ways of submitting your paper will not be accepted.)


2. Guidelines for Oral and Poster Presentations

Conference oral presenations shall be pre-recorded and posters prepared as single page pdfs. The deadline for sending these materials for the online platform is August 21, 2021. 

Detailed instructions on the preparation of presentations and how to send the materials to the CIE 2021 team are provided in the links below:

Oral Presenter Guidelines

Poster Presenter Guidelines

Please reach out should you have any queries or require any clarifications.

Tech Support:
Name: Ms. Esmie Yap / Ms. Teddy Wong

E-mail: /

3. Open Access for CIE Conference Papers

  • Upon the request of authors individual papers, as submitted to Central Bureau for inclusion in the conference proceedings, can be made open access.
  • There will be a paper handling charge  for each individual paper to be made open access - this cost is €200.
  • The open access fee is in addition to the registation fee for the conference.
  • Open access shall be requested at the time the copyright agreement form is completed.
  • CIE will still hold copyright of the papers.
  • Open access papers will be available online within the CIE Website.
  • Open access papers will be available for authors to be uploaded to the databases of their academic institutions, organizations or personal databases. Such uploading and further citation shall be made with full reference to the CIE conference and the URL of the page on the CIE website where the paper can be found.
  • Open access papers shall not be uploaded to other online databases or platforms (for example ResearchGate or GoogleScholar). Authors may upload a copy of the abstract of their paper and shall include a link to the CIE website where the full paper may be found.
  • Should requests be made for the republication of individual papers in scientific  journals, magazines or on other websites, then permission should still be sought from CIE Central Bureau, this is to ensure that CIE can determine the impact of the open access and to ensure proper reference (including originating URL) is given to CIE.
  • Open access papers will still be included in the collection of papers contained in the conference proceedings. The conference proceedings, as a complete collection, will be available for purchase from the CIE webshop.